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    how important is nolva?

    If you're doing a first cycle consisting of Dbol and test-e is nolva really that important? Every source of mine has tried to convince me that I dont need nolva for a first cycle. I had to acually talk him into getting me a bottle with my gear. What everyone outside this board has told me is my chances of getting gyno on my first cycle is slim to none and that nolva is acually going to hinder my gains alittle if I take it throughout the cycle. But with that said they did say it is a good idea to have a bottle on hand as a 'safe guard' in case I do get symptoms. I also heard you should only take it if symtoms occur. What do you guys think of this? What else does nolva do besides prevent gyno and water retention? I could care less about water retention if it means hindering my gains. I'm not being careless here I just want to understand every aspect of my gear before I start.

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    it helps to raise your test levels and prevents gyno

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    depends on the person. some ppl get no gyno symptoms and dont use it. me i use it with every cycle. better safe than sorry imo.

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    you will need nolva if you start to get signs of gyno, but better to take it right from the start of your cycle to build up in your system to help prevent gyno from happening and also in pct. 10mg/ed during cycle and 20mg/ed in pct is a good practice and if you get signs of gyno jump it up to 40mg/ed untill signs go away. an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!

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    Nolva will keep your receptor sites clear of any estrogen that try to bind to them...... This is why nolva is used when signs of gyno appear.

    IMO if I had to pick between any AI or Nolva wich is a SERM...... I would go with nolva and run it through my entire cycle and PCT

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    I would not skimp out on the nolva. Its not all that expensive but gyno surgery is.

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    run it bro ,not worth risking it. IMO

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