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Thread: shot question

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    shot question

    i have 3ml shots. my juice bottles are 250mg/ml. im going to be doing 300 of one and 400 of the other. just to make sure, 2 lines over the 1ml mark is 300 right? that would make each line an interval of 25??

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    I think theres 3 BIG lines.. each line is 1 ml... on mine theres 4 lines inbetween the big lines.. so therefore each line is .2 but you might have different syringes..

    just count the lines and figure it out.!

    BTW its very hard to measure your 300mg/ml when u have gear..

    your goign to just have to give it your best guess

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    Are you talking about a 3mL syringe? And how many lines between the 1mL & 2mL mark?
    EXAMPLE; May BE DIFFERENT FROM YOUR SYRINGE; I have a 5mL syringe with 5 marks (lines) up to & including the 1mL mark...10 marks up to & including the 2 mL mark..etc..each mark (line) = if your gear is 250mg/mL...then each mark = 50mg, two marks would be 100mg.....1mL + 2 marks would be a total of 350mg injected.
    Please feel free to ask more & answer my questions.
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    there are 4 little lines in between the big lines i figured it up like this, its not exactly in the right terms i guess but it makes sense to me.

    -- 300
    -- 275
    ---- 250 (1ml)
    -- 225
    -- 200
    -- 150
    ---- 125 (1/2ml)
    -- 100
    -- 75
    -- 50
    -- 25

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    Swellin Guest
    The marks you are refering to represent 2 tenths of a cc. Simply do the math. 300/250=1.2ml. So, use 1 tick mark over the 1ml to get 300mg.
    400/250=1.6ml. This means your total volume (if injected at the same time, from the same syringe) wouold be 2.8ml.....or one tick mark from the last big line.

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