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    Clen & Winny Cycle

    Can anyone give me some information on a Clen & Winny Cycle...How would I run the Clen (2mg tabs) and for how long shoud I Run the Winny (Inject)..........

    Looking into it, Some useful input would be greatly appreciated..

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    First off I would assume you are trying to cut. What are your stats bro. There is some great info on the drup profiles as well as doing a search on the board.

    As far as Clen the tabs are actually .02mg and you should go something like this

    Day 1 1
    Day 2 2
    Day 3 4
    Day 4 4
    Day 5 5
    Day 6 6
    Day 7 6

    Then run 6 a day for the next week. Go two weeks on and two weeks off of Clen

    With the Winny you could go with 50 mg ed(everyday) or 50mg eod (every other day) I wouldnt go more than 6 weeks with the Winny.

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    Add propionate to this at 100mg EOD

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    Well I`m 5'7 145 Bulking up right now on Deca /D-bol cycle...

    So I`m up 10pds right now..This cycle is for about 2 months after this one just want to get the heads up before that. I`ll be taking clomid after this cycle.

    Do I need it for the Winny/Clen Cycle also.

    Plus is it a good cycle to get all ripped up on.?

    THanks for you help guys.

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    And Im up 10pds and only 2 1/2 weeks in.

    So Doing really well....

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