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    Oooo that Winny...

    Quick question... I understand adding winny to a cycle hardens you up. What I what to know is how long do you stay hard (no pun intended...) after a winny cycle. Is this new found hardness permanent or fleeting and if fleeting how long does it stay?

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    Tuff question, unfortunately there is no straight answer. Actually I have kept my gains using winny for a little while, but when you stop taking any AS you will loose some. It depends on how you eat, sleep and train after you get off AS that is what determines you keeping your gains.
    I usually do Clen , after a Winny cycle or do a winny cycle after test/dbol cycle, to keep my gains after bulking.

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    i think he is moreso wondering if the actual "hardness" will last and if not, how long? rather than if the mass/strength gains will last..... good question IMO

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