My friend is 6'2 and is about 200 lbs and wants to do another cycle but wants to do a drol winny stack but with no test. i have been pleading with him day and night about using test but won't listen i don't understand it because he used it in his previous cycles. this is what he has written up for himself imo he might get some gains but i don't know how much but i'm wondering what you guys think and what u think he should do for pct i don't wanna be a prick to the guy and not tell him correct pct because he asked and i honestly don't really know but heres the cycle.

wk 1-3 d rol 100mg/d
wk 4-6 winny 50mg/d

pct 150mg/d for day 1, 100mg for day 2-7, and 50mg day 8-17?? i don't think this is right just a guess