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    test 250 beyond 12 weeks cycle.

    I tend towards low dose cycles myself and have always stopped at 12 weeks. I am now at week 13 and rather than wait my two weeks and begining clomid I was thinking of shooting 250mgs of test Enth for awhile longer. I am still making nice gains and didn't want to stop and do the clomid/ recoveryt and lossed strength gains yet.

    My cycle was 12 weeks of test E 500 and 8 weeks of deca 200. I use the deca mostly for joint pain.

    I have never had trouble recovering from any of my cycles and I just want to know if anyone here has shot test longer than 12 weeks at a low dose and if it made their recovery that more difficult.

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    I have gone 15 weeks on test and come back fine. But I used HCG to help clean out the old receptors. Just look ingot it more and don't drop your dose down.

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    I have gone much longer as well, but also used HCG , Proviron along with PCT with Clomid... the longer you stay on - the more prepared you need to be to come off. And you should stay off longer... it's up to you what you are going to do but coming off ain't that bad ... just put more research into good training splits and keep your interest/intensity going in the gym...

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