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Thread: deca dick?

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    deca dick?

    im about to go on a sustanon 250, 500 mg a week and deca 500 mg a week, but i heard about deca dick then i was thinking about eq then i heard about the eq flu which is best or is there sumthin better to go with the sust rather then deca or eq?

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    run your test at least an 100mg above your deca

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    EQ Flu??? Depends on what your looking for. If you want to bulk up, then definitely go with the Deca . If you want good muscle hardness, vascularity, go with EQ. I'vd done both and personally like EQ a lot better. Remember, EQ needs to be ran a for at least 12 weeks, so you will want to run your TEST 13 weeks.

    If you decide to run DECA, again, make sure you run your test 100mg higher.


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