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Thread: prop & winny

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    milo is offline New Member
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    Apr 2004

    prop & winny

    Mixing 1/2 cc 100mg of prop with 1cc 50mg of winny in the same pin, will this reduce the pain of the prop? Injections EOD. What is the best way to run winny and prop?
    Thanks in advace fellas

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    maxamillion is offline Associate Member
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    Nov 2003
    So your doing 50mg prop and 50mg winny eod? Your not getting enough test. winny is best run at ed but i've had decent results at eod. Run it like this
    75mg prop ed
    50mg winny ed
    is this your first cycle?

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    Well personally i get more pain from injecting winny than prop so i would just mix it with b12 and drink the winny jmo.

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    in the GYM
    the prop and winny is best ed,

    prop 100mg ed
    winny 50mg ed

    if you want to, mix the prop/winny and add 1/2 or 1 cc b12 or do what adamw1 said mix the b12 and prop and drink the winny
    suck it up the pain will go away..jmo

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    I wouldn't mix the winny and prop. I was doing that for awhile and was getting extreme pain. It was also brusing me up real bad. So I just started to do two seperate injections everyday. I know its annoying to have to do so many different shots everyday, but in the long run it will be worth it. Trust me. Here is why you can run into trouble mixing winny and prop. Quote by billy bathgate (anabolic lab moderator):

    "Realise BA is hydrophillic. You mix em around (oil and water) and you're sucking the BA out of the oil. This may or may not be fine. If you suck too much out, you could get some crystallization in your muscle after you inject...this is terrible pain, most are ok though. Id be more leary with prop, TNE, and winny though."

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    this is my second cycle, my first was a deca only. Thanks for the info fellas. I'm starting prop/winny cycle oct 15th. I'm not 100% sure how i'm going to run it,but i'll let u guys know how it feels. thanks again

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