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Thread: Cutting First?

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    Cutting First?

    This will pretty much be my first real, full cycle. I am 5'8'' 188lbs and 20%-25% BF. I can put on muscle pretty easily, but my body fat will fluctuate from time to time. I wanted to do a test cycle first, however, as you can see I have quite a bit of bodyfat. I was wondering if a Cutting cycle to start things off might be beneficial?

    I have these products in my possession.
    10 ml bottle of 300mg/ml QV Deca
    20 ml bottle of 100mg/ml QV Winstrol
    10 ml bottle of Denkall T-400
    Lots of Ephedrine
    Lots of Cynomel

    Would it be beneficial to use all of these products together in a cycle? If so, what kind of diet would work best Bulking/Cutting?

    I want to bulk, but I don't want to be a fat ass!

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    I had thought about cycling:
    Weeks 1-10= 400mg Test/Week
    Weeks 1-10= 300mg Deca /Week
    Weeks 1-15= 10-20mg Nolva/Day
    Weeks 6-12= 50mg Winny Depot/Day
    Weeks 12-15= Clomid Therapy
    Weeks 1-12= ECA Stack

    Would I gain alot of fat from a cycle like that if I followed the Bulking Sticky?

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    You need to decide if you want to cut or bulk.

    I think you should shed some bf first without roids. Eat right (restrict your calories slightly), walk in the mornings etc.... all the things that maximize fat loss and muscle preservation.

    Then run the Deca and test as a bulking cycle. I think the winny would be better saved for a later time, but it's your decision.

    Also... ECA for 12 weeks is a little long. It's not effetive after a time period. I don't like ECA, but there is information here on how to run it, like alternating it with clenbuterol ....etc.

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    If I were you I'd cut without AAS to about 15% bf. You can alternate 2 weeks of ECA and 2 of clen . Then use the AAS you have to bulk.

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    Def cut naturally

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    Check out the cutting sticky in the diet forum bro... it works great, especially with the AM cardio on an empty stomach... much more effective than cardio any other time of day

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    AAS will cut you if you have your diet in order...don't matter if you're bulking or not.

    I was bulking eating 4k to 5k calories a day and i didn't gain hardlly any fat, im now in pct and i can't see any difference in the fat, but i def gained a shat load of muscle....BUT

    at 20-25% at 5;8 is alot, i would cut down before you sarted bro...

    also i don't see why you're running the winny withe the deca , in a first cycle.
    winny is a cutter and deca is a bulker, and since you didn't give the wks to which you are running everthing i doubt you know how to run the winny with the deca correctly.
    Read up, study, then come back with another cycle is my 2 cents.

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