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    Juice and rec drugs

    What kind of effects does rec drugs like ecstacy or ketamine do while on a cycle? My friend just started his first cycle and I told him htat hes gonna have to knock that crap off. Unfortunately he doesnt listen to me and gets f**ked up every weekend and then continues to tell me he doesnt eat ANYTHING the next day cause his appetite is too suppressed. I'm just mad cause I tell him what to do and not to do and try to give him sound advice and he does the opposite of what I tell him.

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    people are who they are dont try to change him let him learn the hard way.

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    let him learn the hard way. doesnt sound like he really knows or cares what is going on in his body.
    just my asshole .02 on the subj. There is a differnce b/w use and abuse, but i would have a hard time defending those two in particular

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    juice or not rec drugs are bad news they lead to nothing but jails, institutions, and death. I used to love to do "K" all the time and every thing else i got my hands on. now after being a recovered addict life is so much better. so let him learn his lesson on his own thats all you can do. and let me tell you that thiking that people used to see me in a k hole looking like a vegtable just makes me sick. so juice or not is all bad news now lets keep these rec drug threads to a minimum.

    also people that say in moderation is ok is BULLSH*T. moderation can be ok but why take such a huge risk with you health

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