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    cynomel?? Primo?? unique paxil question!!

    i recently went to mexico and brought back some cynomel- liotironina, 25 mcg tabs made by usv-grossman. Are these cytomel tabs?? just in spanish writing?

    also just got primos from in brown vials, green writing, (which cant be scratched off easily.) L-066 schering. on the side says- cad sep 05. the other side says 063933/001/. the top of the bottle has a blue dot. Please tell me if these are real

    i am currently on paxil for anxiety. does anyone know if clen will affect the paxil usage.

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    Good Question

    I wondered the same thing myself. I had been on paxil for a year, so I tapered off it just to be safe before starting anything. TAPERING is key when getting off of paxil ... Ouch if you don't! But also consider that paxil must be taken for at least six months to have lasting effects, at least that is what my physiscian yold me.

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