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    3rd cycle thoughts?

    Ok, its time again

    I am thinking

    500mg Test E / 10wk
    30mg dbol / 6wks
    225mg Tren / 6-10wks

    Anyone want to critique, I've just done 2 small 500mg week cycles before, saw moderate gains, nothing crazy, I'm just not thinking its time to up to 750 just yet, instead I added dbol for 6 wks and tren at the end for a little hardening. I could cut the dbol down to 4wks, and save some cash, but I want full results from it, anyone think I should cut it to 4wks instead of 6? I could then up the tren, and run it from wk 4-10. I guess what i am asking is, Tren or dbol? I wanna get thick as hell, and stronger. I'm 6'2 230lbs 16%, big guy, but I'd like to be alot bigger.



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    Have u ever used dbol before? If so then why not try drol? If you decide to go with dbol and you've used it b4 you might wanna up that some..40mgs ed is nice, but 6 weeks is pushing it. You'll probably stop gaining after 5 so that extra week will be a waste. Drop it to 5 if you go with dbol.
    If your not ready for 750 thats fine..infact more guys should stick to 500 instead of taking the leap to 750 premature.
    But running fina for 4 weeks is a total waste. Either run it for 8 weeks or don't run it at all.
    Also you should throw in an anti e..Ldex, letro, nolva etc.

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    Hey bro,

    Great reply, helped me alot, I think I'll go 4wks at 40mg dbol . I don't want to mess with the drol fire Btw, I think i could go 750mg test, but I've only done 2 cycles, I believe in doing most of the work and letting the gear assist, 750 after only 2 test cycles before seems like a hell of a jump. I'll do dbol + test, and save the tren for something else, I am really unsure of tren's effect on liver/kidneys I keep reading conflicting things, so I'll let it do its thing in another cycle.

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    I like it the way it is


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