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    how do you get the last bit.........

    just wondering how you guys get that last bit of test injected out of the needle? i've heard you can leave a little air in the syringe. well if so about how much? any other suggestions?

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    Just leave a few large bubbles, that should be enough to clear the neck of the syringe. I dont even bother anymore, just pull in a little extra, unless your on a tight budget dont worry about it, that little bit is not going to give you an extra 10lbs of muscle.

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    One way is to draw up 1/2cc B12 first, then your test. That way the .1cc left in the syringe should be mainly B12.

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    Don't bother stressing about it. When you take into account that 250mgs of test or whatever is disolved into that ml, you aren't talking about much. I wouldn't bother with the air in the syringe as if you inject that it can cause post injection pain in those im injections.

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