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    Nov 2004

    cycle help, i am very prone to gyno

    i am very prone to gyno, i have had symptoms at dosages as low as 100 mgs of cyp, 400mgs eq, 10 mgs of dbol (dont confuse these numbers the all were during seperate cycles, all of themduring the first week of each cycle. THe only cycles i have done without problems was deca and winny, sust and primo, and eq@200mgs per week and winny.
    i am planning to cycle again and this is what i have on hand

    10ml eq @200mgs
    20ml winny @50 mgs
    50 novaldex @20mg(fenobest but i am not sure if they are real they do not seem to work for me) i have also had 10 mg novegam in the past that didnt seemto work either.
    30 clomid @50 mg
    2 bottles of letro from AR_R

    i have access to tren /prop mix in 20 ml bottles or each one seperate in 10 ml

    question 1) is this even enough to be worth it
    question 2) if i am prone to gyno will i be able to take the tren/prop if the letro at 1.25 per day for the duration
    question 3) should i wait and try to get more eq an or winny
    question 4) is the eq a waste if i only take 200mgs a week for 10 weeks

    proposed cycle:
    week 1-10 200mg eq
    week 7-10 100 mg winny twice per week
    week 7-10 cytomel(using the typical cytomel stack)
    week 13 pct clomid (not sure how to use if i only have 30 tabs) and novaldex 20 mgs day.

    i have the letro but i only want to use it if it will allow me to use a test to add to this stack. any info and advice would be great.

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    Scooby1 is offline Member
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    May 2004
    Personally I would wait until you have clomid on hand before even starting- I would definatly wait for more EQ, and if you have had/still gyno talk to your doc about the possiblity of have your mammary glands removed.

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    run the letro for a week prior and 2 weeks after cycle.

    use clomid or nolva LOW DOSE, throughout and 1-2 wk after

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    I find it hard to believe it was gyno...Cyp and EQ have long esters?

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    Get some Arimidex , nothing is better to prevent gyno!

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    Nov 2004
    kronik, i did goto my dr. and i had an ultra sound, it was gyno. is it possible that i am very sensitive. i went thru the typical puberty gyno and then it happned again when i was 18 years old. strange, but the doctors checked me out and said i was fine. the so just to be sure i was going to add letro and 2.5 ed during the cycle and for 2 weeks after. do you think i could run a test with this cycle and not have gyno problems? i am planning to get another eq but also wanted to add a testl.

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    Nov 2004
    oh one more thing for macrophage, does the letro help to reduce pre excesting gyno and will letro help to get my own test up and running during my pct

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