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Thread: Shoulder injury

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    Shoulder injury

    hello guys, just by way of introduction my name is Ian and I'm 38 years old, I am a serving soldier (UK) with 20 years service and am reasonably fit, however I don't do weights or build. The problem I have is a long term (15 yrs) right shoulder injury, which was caused by playing rugby, there is a lot of socket erosion due to recurrent dislocation, tendon and ligament damage and to top it all off I've just had the cartlidge removed. I was speaking to a friend of mine, who is a PTI and he suggested that steroids might be a possible answer to my pain and muscle wastage in and around my shoulder area and gave me your web site address. I need to try to build up muscle on the shoulder/chest/shoulder blade area to try and pull my arm in tight to my body, and bear in mind I can't lift heavy with the shoulder. I have a few questions I'm hoping someone can help me with :- and please excuse my ignorance
    1. What sort of area in my shoulder would I need to inject ?
    2. What steroids in particular would be needed ?
    3. Will I need to inject straight into the muscle I'm looking to build up, or does one injection work on the whole body ?
    4. How many injections/courses would I need ?
    5. Would I have to do both shoulders to stop looking lopsided ?
    6. Are there any side effects god or bad ?
    I think that about covers it. I havn't asked a doctor for advise just yet, but if I decide to then I will. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this post and I look forward to your comments.

    all the best

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    Ah, the dreaded rotator cuff/shoulder injury...the bane of anyone who works their upper body...

    I'll answer your questions sequentially so it makes more sense to you.

    1.) Just injecting into your shoulder won't do anything for your injury.

    2.) Deca and some test can help cushion the area with a greater amount of water retention and joint lubrication. Stay away from winstrol , or trenbolone as they will dry you out. Also, don't run an anti like Letrozole or Arimidex as these will also keep you from holding some water.

    3.) One injection affects the entire body as the drug is circulated in your blood to increas ethe nitrogen balance into the positive region. There are myths concering spot-injections, however the effects are only temporary. You might swell a little in the delts or biceps, but it will subside when the oil is broken down by the body.

    4.) Do some research on possible cycles in this forum and around the other parts of the site. I can't recommend anything because you have no previous knowledge.

    5.) You can mix up injection sites to prevent scar tissue build up and possible long term tissue damage from constantly injecting into the delt region. It is one of my favorite areas to inject, but since it is a relatively small muscle I would add other sites in like glutes, and quads to minimize any pain from Benzyl Alcohol in any compound.

    6.) The side effects of each compound differ, but you want to watch out for elevated estrogen levels (which will cause gynomastica in most males), bad acne if you are prone, decreased libido without natural testosterone production, and other possible sides that some get. Once again, I suggest you research side effects to get some idea what might happen if you run a cycle.

    My advice to you is to stick around, get familiar with what compounds people run, what dosages they run, and what can potentially happen to you. The bros on this board will most likely be able to answer any question you have and will probably be more knowledgeable than the average doctor that does not condone steroid use .

    At your age, you could consider HRT (Hormone replacement Therapy) and I would message JohnnyB as he has been doing it for years now if memory serves me correct.

    Best of luck bro, and post any further questions you may have and we'll do our best to help you.


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    daem, thanks a lot mate, very informative, this is my first step in any sort of research, it'll be a while yet before I make any decisions, thanks again daem

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    i didnt read all of daems post but i would defly follow #2. Test/deca cycle is what you need!!

    good luck

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    try the vet stuff for injuries like that, i think it is called adequan, if it works for you let me know i might try it.

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