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Thread: Job testing

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    Job testing

    im just curious, if i showed up to an interview to be a firefighterand i was fukin huge, would they say, u have the job once u pass this test? im sure it varies, but i live in CA. is anyone here a firefighter, and once u get the job, is it possible to get tested randomly? i know the test is expensive and it wouldn't be likely, but that would b ****ty to lose ur career.
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    Yeah I'm a firefighter. No they will not test you for AS only a 10 panel pee test. Now they may give you a pollygraph test and you could fail that if they ask the right questions.

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    hmm they wont test for aas due to the cost, chances are a polygraph wouldnt be done either, and if it is id imagine theyd ask if youd taken narcotics in the past x mths

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