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    you passed through one, but if you aspirated it did not go into a vein. do not freak out, and maybe a little gear but most is in the muscle and pulling out the vein is closer to the skin. it will happen time to time ass, or quad also. just clean up the blood and drive on.

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    Yep, you definitely passed through a vein and it bled when you pulled the needle out....As long as you aspirated and know that you did not inject into a vein you're fine....This happens to me every now and then too.....and usually in delt injections...

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    Keep holding the plunger down when pulling out the needle. When you dont keep pressure on the plunger it creates a vacuum and pulls out gear and blood already in your injection site. Im not saying this is what caused your case, but it helps me (personally) prevent this from occurring.

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