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    Deca Durabolin and Propecia (Finasteride) = Hair loss?

    I'm 23, been on the juice twice before

    1st cycle 12 weeks of Deca Durabolin (2001)
    2nd cycle 15 weeks of Deca Durabolin + Test, finished off with HCG (2002)

    I haven't done any gear since 2002 and am itching to get back into it
    My only worry is that I my hair is thin in places
    My dad nor grandad are bald - so i don't think its heredidatary
    + i didn't notice any hair loss when I was on it before!

    Do you think propecia (finesteride) will help to block the DHT's forming when I use the Deca Durabolin

    Or can anyone give me some advice as to what is my best route


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    Bro, your genetics for baldness may be passed through your mothers of fathers side of the family. So you may want to expand your family tree search. As for propecia many on AR thinks it works well but takes up to 6 months to work.

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    Most of your hair remedies are for the long run. I think dutasteride would be the best choice because it blocks BOTH 5 AR enzymes. Finasteride works good too, but only blocks one. Dutasteride along with nizoral shampoo would most likely help with the hair loss, UNLESS it is already a DHT derivative (winny, masteron , etc.) then it won't help.

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    I am prone to MPB and I did not lose any on my deca /test cycle along w/ propecia and nizoral.

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