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    juice junky jimbo is offline New Member
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    making fina without kit

    i read the edu ... thread on making fina without the kit,and iam curious to know if anybody besides the thread originator has used this message

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    It seems logical and I sure it works just fine. If you have any doubts just buy a kit. Its fast and easy.

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    by a kit it's a hell of a lot safer and cost about $25-50 depending on the kit

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    never have but just buy the kit. Its cheap and easy.

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    i actually just bought a kit, and fucked up the whole process leaving me with the only alternative of making it the "without the fina kit" route... ill let you guys know how much it works. i had problems crushing the pellets, lost some powder, a bunch of bullshit... anyway, i said to be safe that there was atleast half of the original 2g's left of actual fina in the completed concoction. i made it so there is 10ml of liquid in my vial, and am guessing about 100mg/ml which is what i intended... but now instead of 40 days, my buddy is going to try out 20 days (1ml eod) and see if he liked it, hes in the beginning of a test/eq cycle so ill see what happens. peace

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