allright bros, i'm 6ft, 222lbs at the moment, the leanest i've ever been going on my 3rd month of running GH. my question is... I want to look freaky for the summer. i don't want the gay beach look i want the sick, ripped, vascular, veins coming out of everywhere look. this past cycle i ran cyp/eq/winstrol for 12 weeks and i got amazing results. i'm definately knowledgeable on AS just more on bulking then on leaning out. I think his past cycle i did a great job. I'm basically setting myself up and preparing to compete maybe later in the year so i was thinking. i want to do a 12 weeker june-aug of tren /prop and maybe some winny. this is what i had planned out a few months ago with a buddy of mine that won teen eastern nationals in '03... critique it, let me know the flaws and also what you would recommend.

slin 1-4
tren 100mg ED 1-6
prop 100mg ED 1-12
winny 50mg ED 8-12
proper pct 12-15
GH all the way through...