Thinking about doing a cutting cycle of six weeks like this:
50mg fina ed
100mg prop ed
cycle clen in ed never done liquid so not sure on dose
cycle t3 in over the six weeks fast up to 75mcg per day and slow on the downside

1--I have been a trainer for years but this is my first jump into bodybuilding. I am about 15% bf, 6'3/4", 225. I wanna get down to see where I stand before I meet with my trainer for the beginning of contest prep. From what I know this seems a reasonable but not too over the top cutting cycle. BTW I'm 38y/o and have about ten medium cycles under my belt since college with most in the last seven years. My diet is 2400calories 55%lean protein, 25%carbs most PWO, and 20 fat most efa's. Water is about 1 1/2 gallons per day. Any opinions on any aspect of this will be appreciated. Not really a question but you bro's get the point.

2. I get bloated badly and sometimes constipate on this type of regimen. Daily fiber pills seem to help a little but the bloating and gas are sometimes bad. I tried HCL and pepsin pills but got reflux and it didn't help. Any ideas?

3. I know fina is rough on the kidneys. How long do you cycle it on and off usually. I know 4-6 weeks on but how long off inbetween?

Any advice on any of this or anything else is appreciated. Thanks in advance.