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    Surgery after a cycle

    I'm about to start an 8 week cycle of prop and deca . Yesterday I found out taht I have to have a surgical procedure on May 20th, my tonsils and adnoids are coming out. Its not that big of a procedure, but I'm worried that it will effect my cycle. It will be right at the end of my cycle, when I am about to start PCT. Does anyone think that it'll effect me??

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    You probably just want to make sure that your PCT drugs are not going to interact badly with any of the other stuff the doc gives you like an antibiotic or something. I will let someone else chime in on that one but if you can't get help I would just ask the doctor.

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    mate i had mine out 5 years ago and didnt eat any thing for a week,got infection and bad pain,u wont your imune system to be right come off early its worst than u think.

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