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    WTF do you do if you break a 1.5 needle off in your ASS


    I have NOT broken the needle off in my ass!

    I was reading another post and the subject came up as to how far to stick the damn needle in.

    Do you stick a 1.5 needle in all the way? (Glute shot)

    I am 205 lbs, 6'2".

    What do you do if the needle does break off?

    DAMN this is scarey shit.

    I live alone and do my own injections. WTF?

    I was just getting comfortable with all this injection shit too.

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    Scream and run around in circles No seriously, this happened to me, and the needle wasn't that deep in so it was just like pulling out a splinter, just got some pointy tweezers and got a damn good grip and started pulling. It came out first try so i guess that i was lucky.

    This happened because of inexperience and started to shake like a motherf**ker!

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    dont push it all the way in! then at least you have something to get a hold of if the worse does happen - try to get pins a little longer than you need to allow for this if you like.

    only my 0.2 - never had this experience thank god!

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    i would say dont walk for starters or you will probably tear and scratch some muscle. But if your paranoid about it then have some tweezers handy just in case..........HITMAN

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    did the needle it self break (the metal part) or did it just come out of the plastic???

    I often bend the needle (AFTER i shoot) just for fun, they are very flexible, i doubt you will break it of in your ass.
    As for going all the way in, why not, IM shots are suposed to be deep.

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    Re: WTF do you do if you break a 1.5 needle off in your ASS

    Originally posted by androplex
    I was reading another post and the subject came up as to how far to stick the damn needle in . . . Do you stick a 1.5 needle in all the way? (Glute shot) . . .
    DAMN this is scarey shit.
    I live alone and do my own injections. WTF?
    I was just getting comfortable with all this injection shit too.
    1. Freak. 2. Scream. 3. Laugh about the absurdity of it.

    Seriously, keep a pair of tweezers around just in case it ever happens, then do what you're doing. The notion of a needle breaking is very unusual, although if it can ever happen, you should be prepared for it.

    There are several schools of thought in terms of how far to stick a needle in. My own thinking is that, if you're using the correct size needle, stick it in all the way. As long as you're not twisting and turning it once it's in, there is not much chance that it will break. Remember that you do want to get deep into the muscle, so if you're using a 1-1/2" needle but not inserting it all the way in, you're defeating the purpose.

    That said, let me repeat something I've said here many times. Most of you will not follow this advice, but I'll give it anyway.

    When it comes to glutes and delts, let someone else give you the shot. To this day, I have never injected in my own glute or delt - not that I can't or would not, but because I think it's safer for the person doing the injection to do it with two hands (to aspirate and to ensure the right angle of injection). Twist as you might, you cannot get a bird's eye view of your glute. That's why the only shots I do myself are quad shots - not my favorite (because of the higher chance of hitting a nerve), but at least I can use both hands.

    That said, I'm a realist. Most of the guys on this board and every other AS board who inject themselves will give themselves glute and delt injections, and the chance that you will die from this are minute. The chances that you will have serious ijury as just as minute. But there's the old riff that if something can occur 1% of 1% of the time and it happens to you, then the incidence to you has become 100%.

    So, androplex, the only thing I can say is: Don't sweat it. Chances are that this will not happen to you and, in your case, if it does, you can have it removed by a medical professional without being busted. (Note for others: As he has mentioned elsewhere, Androplex uses AS legally.)

    Finally, remember that you only hear the horror stories. Yes, you will occasionally find someone who writes, "Today I did my first shot. It was easy, and I've entered the dark side. Who-hoo!" But they are the exception. It is far more common to read about the problems that people have had (as in, "I did a glute injection today and now I'm all black and blue," or, "I just shot a bunch of sust in my arm, and now it's swollen."). Their problems are usually caused by poor injection techniques, bad/impure drugs, or drugs that have too much alcohol in them.

    So continue to do what you're doing, realizing that you can never be too careful. (Note that I am not suggesting that you switch to quad shots, since I don't know what gauge needle you are using.) And smile with glee when you remember that almost every other person on this board who uses AS is doing so illegally, and they can't wave to the cops outside and say, "Hey, dudes! I've got needles! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!" (You can begin to imagine the glee I feel when time I cross back into the U.S. from Canada and the customs agent asks what I'm bringing back. It's a trip to actually be able to declare your gear. )

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    seems impossible to break a b&d or teremu needle in your ass...that just doesn't seem possible....i always take the needles and bend them completely before dumping them in the sharps container and to this day have never had one just break off or snap from the base....never...


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    I would not worry about the needle breaking off. It probably will not. Leaving the needle out a little is a precaution like checking the oil in your car before you start it; mine's always had plenty of oil so I don't bother checking anymore.

    If it does break off just pull it out with a pair of plyers of tweezers. If it's under the skin just cut out with a razor blade or carpet knife.

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