Since I will be doing a Dbol cycle soon, I was just wanting a few questions answered. Im wanting to experiement, kind of see what kind of gains can come from an oral only cycle. I have just received my british dragon dbol"500 10mg tabs" and nolva for pct "as well as a line of supplements i.e creatine, NO2, LOTS OF WHEY PROTEIN, amino's, milk thistle and mutli" I still have some O/T from an old cycle, "enough for about 6 weeks at 50 mg ED" , and Ive read that Dbol is notorious for not bein able to keep gains, so i wanna try this
Dbol weeks 1-5 20mg ed
O/T weeks 3-9 50 mgs ed

I'm trying to see if by doing this, i can attempt to keep my dbol gains, since O/T gains are not hard to keep.

but my question is while on dbol, since its notorious for protein synthesis hence mucle building, how much protein could a 193 lbs body take in at a time, like say normally, ill drink 50 g protein following workout, how much would or could i take while on dbol?