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    How does this advanced cycle look

    whats up everybody, i am planning my 5th cycle right now, i plan on starting in about five or six goals with this cycle are to gain lean muscle and strength....i would like to end my cycle at 230-235l lbs....i think that is very attainable with proper diet and workout....stats are as follows

    23 yrs old

    my cycle looks like this right now

    week 1-15 omnadren 250 eod
    week 1-15 anavar 50mg ed
    week 1-15 3iu HGH 5 on 2 off
    week 1-5 40mcg IGF ed pw
    week 12 start clen and t3 (not exactly sure how i want to run these yet
    10mg nolva ed (20mg during PCT)
    .25mg arimidex ed
    clomid starts 3 weeks after last omnadren shot (300,100,50)
    hcg 500iu 2x weekly weeks 6-15

    please critique my cycle and tell me what you think....the only thing that i am really concerned about is running the var that long, and i haven't exactly figured out my clen and t3 timing yet.....but it is a rough draft, and my cyle is still a long way off....thanks for your input
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    Yeah, I wouldn't run the var that long, but I wouldn't run var in a bulker anyways (kills my appetite). 15 weeks of HGH isn't long enough, really 5 months is about the minimum, it takes time to start working. You'd be better off dropping it and running another 5 week IGF-1 LR3 cycle, or 2 4 week cycles and another in PCT. Also, a 23lbs gain in 15 weeks isn't going to be lean.

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    looks nice... I plan on running var for 12 weeks at 75mg ED, so I'm interested how 15 weeks goes for you. Also I would save the IGF for PCT to help keep gains.

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