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    Questions about Pro-Hormones

    I am a newbie who is trying to connect the steroid info dots. Just before the January 2005 ban on the legal sale of pro-hormones, I purchased some products from my local nutrition store. The first one is Methyl D from Gaspari Nutrition, and each tablet contains 1000mcg of 17A-methyl-17beta-hydroxyestra-4, 9(10) dien-3-one. When I take it, I use 3 tablets per day. The second product is a topical solution called Derma-ject (topical steroidal compound), and it contains 100 mg 4-androstene-3 beta, 17 beta-doil; 50 mg 19-nor-4-androstenedol; 25 mg 5a-androst-1-ene-17b-oi-3-one; and 25 mg 1,4-andriostadien-3,17-dione.

    I have a few questions regarding both of these products. First of all, can taking them result in any gyno or other side effects typically associated with steroids ? Also, the methyl D package recommends four weeks of use followed by four weeks of non-use to "prevent the body from adjusting to the external source of hormones." Is that schedule necessary? I took the Methyl D every day for a month, and I have since (for a few weeks) been doing the topical solution on the 3 days each week in which I lift weights. Have I been using pro-hormones for too prolonged a period of time (two months)?

    I have had good results so far, but I want to make sure that I am not setting myself up for future problems. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW, I am 44 years old and weigh 190 pounds--in case these stats matter.

    I am also interested in using steroids in maybe about a year or so. Is there anything that I need to focus on in order to shift from pro-hormone use to steroid use ? I have a large supply of Methyl D and would like to continue using it (off and on, if necessary) until I eventually switch to steroids.

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    I used pro hormones like 1ad and m1t before i ever started on juice, i never went over 6 weeks on it, my brother in law went 7 weeks and started to see signs of gyno.... they do say in some cases pro hormones can cause gyno due the the raise in the bodies testosterone . If thats any help... i gained about 20 pounds with that stuff, eating 5000 calories a day and my bodyweight in protein. Good luck

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    Any methylated oral shouldnt be used for longer than 4 weeks due to the rise in liver enzymes. The only thing in the spray that will give you any benefit would be the 4 AD it converts to test. The other ingredients do not convert into enough active chem to see a difference.

    4AD converts at 15% to testosterone in the body.

    And anything topical only gets absorbed at 30% so that 100mgs 4ad per serving only gets you 30mgs of 4AD in your body then after it converts it is only 4.5mgs of test. Not enough to see gains from but enough to keep your dick working while taking the Methyl D.

    If you have enough of the topical then calculate the absorbtion 30% and the conversion to test 15% to try and get more test in your body a good reference would be at least 400mgs 4AD per day so 4 servings but if you dont have enough bottles then just use it as you have been to keep the junk working.

    Now What I will recomend as a necessity to you is to take Milk thistle at 1 gram ed to help restore your liver enzymes. N.A.C is also a good one as well as Alpha lipoic acid or R-ALA and the best yet would be K-RALA.

    Make sure you use proper PCT with nolva/clomid to restore your natty test levels after the cycle of exogenous hormones.

    Im suprised you saw gains on 3MGs of Methyl D Most take 10-15 MGs to see decent results with it.

    What was your gains like?

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