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    mick harts laymans guide

    has anyone downloaded laymans guide to steroids , on the website Mick Hart says its the best info availible on steroids to learn.

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    I-WISH-A-MF-WOULD is offline Associate Member
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    I have downloaded it (can't remember where) and the info is ok but this website by far has better info and anabolic 2005 isnt bad either.

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    this website is way better than mick harts so-called book. Of course Mick Hart's website will say its the best info b/c he wants to take your money and give you bad info and cycles information. All of his **** is way outdated

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    Waste of money, trust me

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    Mick Hart says his info is the best on the net. Bill Llewellyn says his is...I happen to think mine is...etc...

    We can 't all be right, but at the moment 100% of the information I produce has been paid for by the owner of this site and given to you guys for free.

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    yup. alot of the info on these sites is from guys who have already bought these books so just asking a question will get you the same info. save your money

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    The information on this board is more up-to-date and wont burn a hole in your pocket

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    Quote Originally Posted by I-WISH-A-MF-WOULD
    I have downloaded it (can't remember where) and the info is ok but this website by far has better info and anabolic 2005 isnt bad either.
    Its a nice read but its not an essential book IMHO.
    I havent got anabolics 2005, but the TOC sounds very interesting, as a printed reference of course. To build cycles and make decisions boards like this are always better.

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    i agree with hooker everyone thinks they are an expert in their field.

    stay here and post questions,research as much as possible.your best friend is the SEARCH key on each forum.

    when you view the answers to threads you have posted you then have to decipher the bullsh1t from the good advice.

    that is why having a good personal understanding to the relevant subject will make the task that much easier.

    i have received loads of what i think is good advice and also had to buy a spade for all the bullsh1t!

    comes in handy however for the garden.

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    Buying books is cool...I have a copy of the Merck Index, Grey's Anatomy, Anabolics2005, the World Anabolic Review, etc...all sitting a few feet from my laptop.

    You can get lots of cool information from them, and its nice to have something in your hands to look at, and open up...

    It's the same thing with the bodybuilding magazines....there's alot of good stuff in them, and its nice to sit on a couch and be able to read it.

    But for "real time" up to date information, where people will try to answer your questions within a few minutes, nothing is better than the boards. The good thing about the books and magazines is that the people writing for them are usually very smart and know their stuff....the boards are a bit of a crap-shoot.

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    Like everyone says, his site is better and much more up to date. I have his books and he is actually the guy who got me started uin this game, at least reading his books and interviews did. However the books mention nothing of todays knowledge, PTC, etc. so they are only good as one of many references.

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    Well I used it books as my first reference and have never been so misled. My first cycle I was going to do from his book got flamed to hell !! There are so many things wrong with that book (I now know a lot more than I did then). I ended up getting my money back for it it was that bad !!

    Its sooooo out-dated and gives stupid cycles like DBOL only cycles ?!!!!

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