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Thread: Var Alone

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    Var Alone

    i hear lots of people on this forum discussing their experiences with VAR ONLY cycles...

    what do you guys think about this?

    and for the ones who have done this, what dosage and for how long did you take it for? any sides etc.?

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    I dont think there are lots of people... There might be alot that say to do it, but not many that have done it. I have a couple of buddies that tried it and at 75mg per day for 8 weeks. Avina Sativa, Tribulus, Tongkat Ali were used as supplements as well as milk thistle for liver protection. Still have to pct, and they gained about 5-7 lbs but were going for a lean bulk. Doesnt seem worth the money to me.

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    Most people try to avoid it, especially using it by itself because of the money and your gains. Im running 40mg ED for 8 weeks soon, I got a good deal on it so thats why im doing a var only.

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    im right know in week 3 var@100mg ed...i use it to keep my strength while im dieting...i get big pumps from it...
    No sides..
    Ill do it for 4 weeks then ill put some testprop into it, just want to see what the var alone would give for results...
    personally i wont do it again without a test...results are just much better with testprop..
    with a little nolva and a good diet u have a great cutting cycle with var+prop

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    I ran a var only cycle a few months back. I did 40mg ED for 8 weeks. I experienced no sides and the strength gains were pretty amazing, had some nice vascularity going on too. The results though were not worth the amount of money i spent tho. It does harden you up nicely though. Why would you want to run a var only cycle? to get cut/hard?

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    Its a good thing to run while cutting IMO.

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    would not suggest it alone- throw in test at the least but if you are going to do it alone 50-60 mg daily should bring some good results BUT not as good as if you had stacked it with test at the least!

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