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    Pain from delt injections

    Why does it hurt so much when I do delt injections. Im doing pro-mans tren and prop. In the glutes its a little soar, but i shot in my left delt and cant even raise my arm. I happens every time. I would have known if i shot a nerve. Any thaughts?

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    homebrewed tren left me hurting afterwards also. how quickly are you injecting? maybe slow down a bit, i count to 15

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    Delt injections always hurt a bit more for me than any other site. Not exactly sure why. It does get better the more you do.

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    Delts! Sometimes they are painless to me, sometimes it feels like someone tried to beat my arm off with a large hammer. Go slow, don't shoot stuff that is naturally painful like prop or sust or T-400 or anything with high BA. Rub it in when you are done shooting. Use a heating pad ro hot water bottle for pain, try some ibuprofin. Keep the shot down to 1cc or less if possible unless you have really big delts. Mostly though, you just gotta expect some pain from most any delt shot. I have pretty much replaced delts with pecs... they don't hurt a bit. Just feel for the thickest area and shoot there. Go in an inch or a bit more, depending on your size. I actually split each pec into two injection zones... one and inch and a half directly over the nipple and one the same distance up but two inches in toward the breastbone. My delts can't really be subdivided like that, so this gives me twice as many sites for rotation. I go up to 1.5cc in pecs but I suspect I could safely go 2cc there if I didn't subdivide them. Pecs are a much larger muscle than delts.

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    i inject it super slow like 1 min per cc and havent had very much pain from qv prop even.. try that maybe..

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