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    Thats it. I think my prop isnt prop.

    Im approaching week 5 of my 60mg ED prop only cycle...

    I have BARELY any gains. Instead, Im harder than before. My vascularity is through the roof. Ive always been vascular, but now I have little vessels even popping through. Im not bloating up even though I take no anti-Es, and really no sides at all.

    I eat like a horse, all clean, about 3500 cals. Its leaning me up though, not adding bulk.

    Strength has barely gone up but my pumps are very very noticeably better.

    On top of this, Im shut down. How do I know? Trust me. Im usually a horny guy all around, but now I have NO interest whatsoever. I cant remember the last time I wanked it more or less chased a girl. Seeing a hot chick sparks no interest, and also Ive been really depressed lately.

    "Prop" comes from one of those most respected domestic sources around, thats why its taken so long for me to start suspecting this....

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    Sounds like there is something there.

    PM me and let's discuss in private.

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