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    Propecia and gyno

    Hey guys, I've been on generic finasteride at 1mg/day for about 2 years now to keep my hairloss under control. About 6 days ago I ran out of finasteride and did not pick any more up until 3 days ago. During that 3 day period my nipples swelled up quite a bit and I've been freakin' about it. I know that propecia can slightly increase estrogen levels but why would coming off propecia for a few days do this?

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    i have no clue...bump..!!!

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    I started proscar which is generic propecia once for 2 weeks. While on it, I had seman that ran like sink water and my nipples hurt. I got off that shit fast. No since in trying to postpone the inevitable. I still have hair. Forget the hairloss pills and potions.

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