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    Liquidex or Nolvadex

    I do not believe I am very suseptable to gyno, so would it be worth the extra money for liquidex, or would Nolvadex suffice? I can get pretty good pricing on Nolv and Clomid, so if I don't need to spend the extra $$ then I would rather not. Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Liquidex is definitely the way to go...
    What do your dosages look like??
    I should add if your dosages are low or you have done previous cycles of the type you are planning without problems, then nolva will probably suffice as an emergency measure. Do not take the nolva until you find you are experiencing e-related problems.
    Again though liquidex is defintely your best option...
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    its not a must but it will definitely keep the bloat down and IMO its worth it to get the liquidex - still, you should at very least have the nolva on hand

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    Sorry guys, going against the grain and gonna say Nolva is better. At least it has been for me. But I am most likely one of the 'unchosen' ones. So if this is your first time using it...get it, but get nolva too. Nolva should be ALWAYS on hand , regardless of how much Arimidex , Zeneca's, **'s, Liquidex, or the various 1mg/ml kinds.

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    I like using both, but not at the same time. During contest time armidex/liquidex is the way to go. Offseason I'll use nolvadex .

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