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    Sust and Deca cycle

    I was ripped off and taking fake and underdosed steroids
    So technically this will be my first real cycle

    I'm 6'1 213 pounds but I wanna get huge

    I was thinking of taking 300 mg of Deca a week and 250 mg of sust every other week to prevent ED and shit like that and I was thinking of adding 9 dbols a day

    My friend said he took 9 dbols a day and 300 mg deca every week and got huge in only 2 weeks His face got really bloated though and although he was huge the bloating wasnt that attractive So if I were to take that would Proviron and Nolvadex be recommended

    I don't have an unlimited cash supply so instead of buying a full cycle I'd like to buy only what I need for a little over a month ( I get paid the 3rd of every month) So how much should I buy per month and how long should I cycle for I wanna spend like $450 per month

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    ...why the fck did you post this twice

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