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    Planning second cycle

    I completed my last and first cycle a couple months ago.

    It consisted of:
    BD Test E 500mg/week 1-12 E 2.5Days
    BD MBol 40mg Weeks 1-4
    Nolva throughout and proper PCT

    I am 24 190 6ft. ??BF

    I would like to stick with BD gear and my current source. I have 1 20ml BD Prop and 1 20ml BD Andropen 275 that I would like to incorporate. I would like a more potent cycle. In the last one I really felt it around week 4-5, but upon coming off the additional MBol it felt alot less potent. Could you guys throw out some cycle ideas incoporating my leftover Prop and Andropen (sust), and also something more significant..

    Possibly a (Prop 100mg ED / Tren A 75mg ED) cycle...
    say 12-14 weeks of prop and 10 weeks of Tren A??

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    Gh on your second cycle is a little soon...

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