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    Winstrol question

    Age: 20
    Weight: 175
    Height: 5'11

    I dont know my bodyfat probably about 10% or a little under. I have done 2 other cycles which taught me alot. my next cycle i want to go ballz out. This is what i have. still waiting on my winstrol .

    test 300 (UG) Cyp. 300mg/ml @ 20cc
    tren a 75mg/ml @ 50cc
    Winstrol (BD) tabs 50mg x 50
    clomid (hellfire) 60mg/ml @ 20cc
    novaldex 20mg X 30

    i was wanting to spread it out like this:

    Weeks: 1-10 Cyp. 600mg
    Weeks: 4-10 tren a 75mg EOD
    Weeks: 6-12 Winstrol 50mg ED

    Now my gym buddy is doing this too and we couldnt agree on something. Is an estrogren blocker needed when winstrol is in a cycle? since it does not aromatise?

    And if anyone has anything to say about the cycle just say so im open to suggestions.
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    Yes an anti E will be needed as you have test in your cycle. 20mg of nolva ED will be fine.
    175pounds after 2 cycles is light i would look into your diet.

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    The point of no return.
    I include 10mg nolva ed and .25mg anastrozole ed in every cycle.

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