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    opinion on m1t to start cycle

    quick question for you guys. im going to be runing test and eq, what is your opinions on getting kicked off with some m1t. i have abunch just sitting around that i had stocked up on. please give me your pros/cons. thanks.

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    Canada Ehh...
    I am not a fan of m1t. no real good reason, I just dont like it.
    4 weeks d-bol would make a good jumpstart for that cycle

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    ive done m1t....i did get good gains..but that was a m1t cycle alone..after u lose most of it. even with a good pct..also..

    what i am noticing is..dbol runs a lot better on me. I have nearly no sides ....acne.etc.nothing ...with m1t i did..tons actually..of course they are different compounds..but thats my experience...get some dbol

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    M1T will give you GREAT strength gains and is perfectly fine for kicking off a cycle...

    Super harsh on your liver values though so be careful, wouldnt run it longer than 28 days...

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    Blech!!!!!! Using supplement company's garbage while on the real deal. IMO, total waste of time, if you really want to kick it off get some dbol , but why mess with it, seems like a nice simple cycle-leave it!

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    i wouldnt run that stuff ya you get fast results but dbol can have the same achievements and even greater plus m1t leaves you feeling tired and like crap when your off of it ive never seen my friend more depressed when he was on that crap shortie said dont try to use supplements in place when using AAS its just not the same

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