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    What do u guys think

    I originally planned on doing a cycle of test cyp (600/wk) and tren a (75/day) this winter and then doing a cyp, tren e, eq, cycle this summer. however, the acne i got from my last cycle i finished in july (prop 100/ed) is just killin me. i am using bacctrim and it is helping out, but its just so much i cant take it. so, i think im done with test for a while, maybe forever. i am not a competing bodybuilder so i dont want to be monstrous. I am actually going to be a clothing, underwear, fitness, etc. model as soon as i get my braces off, and hopefully an actor someday. so i need to be athletic and ripped looking. anyway, i was now thinking of doing an igf only cycle this summer starting in march and going for 6 months until the end of august. i was considering running 80mcg ed at 6wks on 4 wks off (18 weeks total on). i have been reading up on it and i like what i am reading. also i was thinking about maybe adding oral turinabol and/or anavar during the time i am on with hcg and clomid during the time im off.

    Here are some stats on me:
    5'5 - 175lb - ~10%bf (maybe less, im not sure)

    I train 5 days per week (mon-chest, tue-back, wed-legs, thu-shoulders, fri-arms) and do cardio 3 days per week, and abs 5 days per week.

    I have done 4 cycles in the past (1. winni @ 50mged / 2. prop @ 100mg eod, winni @ 50mg ed / 3. test e @ 600mg ew, eq @ 500mg ew, dbol @ 50mg ed / 4. prop @ 100mg ed)

    Right now im going to up my diet to 3675 cal per day, 368 carbs, 367 protein, 82 fat (Diet is not real great right now). The supps i will take are NO2, CE2, GNC 100% Whey, GNC L-Glutamine, GNC MegaMen.

    Hopefully I can get to around 185-190 naturally until March, then I would start the IGF-1, consuming 500-600g protein when on. I would be consuming around the same overall calories, but more would be from protein than when i train naturally.

    My questions are what do u guys think of running the igf that long by itself (or with the var and/or tbol)? Also, what supps do u recommend while on igf, and what kind of diet for a guy my size? also, what do u think i should do with my training when and if i go on the igf? let me know what u guys think, i appreciate it bros,

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    I think, you got braces? How old are you?

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    27, dont laugh, lol...i had to get them in order to get any big contracts. its a business of perfection.

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    I think that's a long freakin post and there are like 15 jdog's on here now.. Besides that your diet looks good numberwise, I might drop the protein a bit and up the carbs if you are looking at bulking. With the IGF-1 I think 4-5 weeks max would be the best bet. 500-600grams of protein is overkill btw.

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