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    After my first week of adrol and test e...test e inj is killing me!!!! maybe i'm just having a bad reaction? I know the gear is legit because i got it straight from a don't know...but i couldn't hardly walk all week... injected 250mg monday in right glute...and 250 mg thursday in left made me stop early on leg days...and i can't do any cardio at all...i'm thinking about stopping the test (i know it would be a bad idea for the boys) running nolvadex at 10mg/ed through 10 weeks...and just finishing the drol and win with good pct...i guess next time try a different ester? i aspirated correctly...injected as slow as i possibly could...and later that day WHAM comes the pain...the actual injection was almost real pain going in or excreting or pulling out...i just don't get it...but some help would be appreciated...

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    If you are injecting "virgin" muscles, they will get sore at first. Inject slowly, massage the area after injecting. It will get a lot less painful. Just hang in there.

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    Like Eggz stated, for me massaging was the key. Try injecting after a hot shower. Works for me

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    like everyone said, this is par for the course... bustin a virgin muscles cherry hurts in the begining... believe me it gets alot better...

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