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    First Cycle...Need advice

    This will be my first AAS Cycle I have used Mag 10 and SD in the past so I have alittle ecperience...

    I am 6'5 250 and have been lifting for 5 years I have 6-7 meals a day lift 5 days a week and do cardio oand abs twice a week.

    8 week cycle

    Test Prop 300-500mg (200mg monday and then another 200mg thursday night) 3 weeks

    Test prop 300-500mg (250mg monday) and then another 250mg thurday night) 5weeks

    then on the 4th week of test prop I am going to add winny tabs 50mg every other day for the last 4 weeks of the cycle...

    I want to gain lean muscle mass and the reason for the winny is to get rid of the bloat...This is my first AAS cylce so i want to do a mild cycle and infor on ways to make the cycle more effective please tell (but want to keep it mild) Thanks...

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    you shouldn't have any bloat with prop. i would run the prop for 8 weeks at 75mg ed. prop is a painfull injection, i would recomend test-e or cyp for 12 weeks at 500mg's for your first cycle. good luck.

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    ill recomend test e @ 500 mg for 12 weeks with 10 mg nolva & at week 7or 8 u can start winny @ 50 mg ed this will give u a better mass with no bloat

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    def test e

    and at 6 foot 5 - 250 i cant imagine what your going to look like when u are done that cycle


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    6"5 250 is pretty thick man. That's definately a good base to start from. I wouldn't recommend Prop for a first cycle. Stick with Enanthate or Cyp and go with what hosam outlined for ya.

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