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    hi all ,i,m a 39 uk male and been b building for past twelve months,and pleased with the results weighing 12 stone ,but natural body weigh 11 stone ,i,m taking creatine ,amino acids ,protein shakes,carbs=protein foods etc,i train 4 times a week and has you know its hard work ,i.m no novice to it previous to this at 14 years i competed in powerlifting comps,for 5 years,then at 32 years after a break started b building where i got upto 13 stone and only 5foot7 i looked good ,but just stopped training >>work commitments etc,but doing it naturall cost a small fortune,know recently got back to my loved sport i,m considering steriods ,any advise please >>good or bad kind regards BIFF

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    just hang around here a while, and do a lot of reading....not just in this forum, but check out the diet/training/pct forums as well...heres something to get you started...
    Anabolic Review Steroid Profile: Testosterone Enanthate

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    The best things for newbies to know about steroids is research learn as much as you can about them before you take that step. Cycle wisely. That's what the board is here for to help inform those with questions. Now for a first cycle it would be wise to stick with one compound. Your PCT is done after. and a major thing make sure you've got everything before you begin each cycle. Others will elaborate more....

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