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    Question Need help from the Midwest Guys!!!!!

    I need some help from you guys out in the Midwest. I'm originally from Ohio, but now I live in SoCal. That's not going to last for long. I'll be moving back to Ohio soon and I was wondering how much more I'm going to have to pay for my dogs gear back there. What does Deca , EQ, T200, Cyp, Prop, Winny, D-Bol, Clomid(female dog) .... the standards go for.

    This is not an invitation to send me offers. My dog has plenty of gear. She is just wondering what she can expect to pay in the future. Thanks.

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    sup man im from ohio but i dont waste my time with mexican stuff normally y dont u just use the same source u have now im sure the mail will work to get it to ohio

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    i am from chi town the prices i pay are mad low!!!!!!

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    im from OH, prices range depends how far down the chain from your source you are averages are...t200--60-90, qv deca --160-180, sus 18-20 amp, dbol 1-2 pill....dont even try to get anti-e' took me forever to find them local---ended up just plannin a trip to cancun
    hope this helps

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