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    Generally feeling like crap on Test400 and Deca

    Just started my second cycle of test400 650/wk and deca 400/wk.
    Shooting twice a week. I did my 4th injection on sunday and it seems that I feel crappy the day after each one, it feels as though I have the flu starting but it never gets any worse than that just lingers there and I have no energy and motivation. My first cylce was 12 weeks at 500/wk sust and I felt great on that. Could it be down to vet grade test400? Shal I try and ride the storm or should I switch to c or e instead? anyone else with experience of test400 (yes it fvcking hurts too but is getting better with each shot)
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    sitck with it hurting right now to...useing test and tren ..the tren has me like a zombie but the results r good...stick it out thats my opinion

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    sus get me the pain test e its good

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