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    Thumbs up 40lbs of muscle in 3mts...if he'd trained w/anyone else, I wouldn't believe it!

    The Life and Death of Mike Mentzer

    Mike Mentzer's friend and colleague, Val Segal comments on the
    last days of Mike Mentzer and what is next for Mike's legacy.

    Q. With Mike and Ray Mentzer's tragic deaths, our readers would
    like to know about last days of the legendary brothers. Let's start
    by acquainting them with you.

    A. My name is Val and I am Mike's close friend, pupil and protégé.
    I met Mike seven years ago in Gold's Gym in Venice, when I was
    one of his numerous in-gym clients. After exercising 5 times per
    week with a little or no progress, I decided to modify my training
    and hired Mike to train me. After 3 months of Mike's supervision,
    I gained 40 pounds of pure muscle and increased my strength
    with Mike's encouragement, cognized philosophy and
    high-intensity training theory. We developed a great friendship
    and he appointed me to consult people over the phone on the
    subject of High-Intensity Training.

    A couple of years ago, with Mike's patronage, I started my own
    personal training business; being occupied with his magazine
    writings and other businesses, he finished training people and
    asked me to supervise all of his in-gym clients.

    Q. A lot of rumors circulate in connection with the deaths of both
    brothers. Was it caused by health problems or suicide?

    A. I can't believe some people are making unverified statements
    about suicide. I spent the last hours with Mike and Ray, and I
    can assure that they both died of natural causes. There was a
    history of heart disease in the Mentzer family.

    Q. Everyone knows about controversial placing at 1980 Mr. Olympia.
    Did Mike and Arnold ever make peace?

    A. Arnold's assistant emailed Mike with a message from Arnold.
    Arnold was concerned about Ray's health conditions and tried
    to offer help. For those of you who don't know, Ray had a
    severe kidney problem. Arnold even wanted to come over to
    Ray's apartment and offer help personally. At some point
    Mike spoke to Arnold over the phone and was very touched
    by Arnold's kindness and concerns. Despite differences of
    opinions in the past, Mike always stated that Arnold was the
    greatest bodybuilder of all time and his contributions to the s
    port are enormous. During the shoot Mike has told me that he
    would like to have a reunion with Arnold on this videotape.

    By Mike Mentzer

    Exerpts from:

    I recalled the first of my high-quality efforts in bodybuilding. The effort level was so intense, embodying such exhilaration and such a quantum leap from previous workouts that the mere act of recalling it nearly takes me into the Pain Zone.
    Around 1972 I began to be seriously committed to becoming a bodybuilding champion. I was training with a couple of dedicated Washington, D.C., policemen. I remember I was doing Scott curls with a weight that had normally limited me to 5-6 reps. As I was curling the weight, I became aware of a surging power and energy. My law-and-order training partners sensed that something out of the ordinary was taking place within that mysterious youngster named Mentzer. Now I was on my sixth rep, showing no signs of slowing down or weakening.

    By the time I had performed eight reps, I ceased being aware of my partners. My concentration focused more and more intensely on the weight and my biceps. As I continued to 9-10 reps it was as though I'd surrendered to the momentum of the process. I eked out one more rep, for a total of 11, about six reps better than my previous best performance in the Scott curl.

    Not until I put down the weight did I realize that something unusual had happened. As I sat down to catch my breath and wipe my brow, I was seized by the full significance of what it meant to train with 100% intensity.

    No longer was the notion of intensity merely an abstract concept floating in my brain. Intensity was now a living, breathing entity that pervaded my entire being and would direct all my future actions. The training approach of all or nothing became the basis of a philosophy that could be applied to life in general. Stated simply, the concept is if anything is worth doing, then give it everything you've got or don't attempt it at all. Because such peak efforts occur relatively infrequently, they tend to stand out in our memory. They are typically marked by a greater-than-usual focus on the present, attended by a sense of enhanced personal power. When we transcend, if only by a degree, our previous levels of effort, we invariably make quantum leaps in progress. These peak efforts help us break through to higher functional levels and as such are powerful learning experiences. They put us closer in touch with what psychologist William James calls "hidden reserves."

    Now that's intensity!


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