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    Advise is greatly appreciated

    I am 6' feet tall, 160 LBs. I always had this layer of fat on the lower part of my abs that refuses to go away. I run a lot close to 200K a month, I do 2 marathons a year. I even tried intense cardio(interval training on low carb diet with little result) .Is there anything I can do that could help me get rid of this fat?? Your advise is greatly appreciated
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    There's a lot that goes into dieting..... the type of carbs your eatting, when you eat them, and with what. Also, protein is very important because with more muscle that you hold the higher your metabolism will be.

    Then there's training....... if you overtrain your body will hold onto fat to help protect itself........

    You might want to list your daily diet and training. This would make it a little easier to help you

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    I train 6times a week as follows:
    4 runs; 3 of which between 7-10miles ; one is long in excess of 12 miles
    2 strength training sessions a week; full body one exc per muscle
    one day of rest
    I do abs on my running days
    when it comes to food it is very clean its lean meats and veges.I only drink water; sometimes some coffee in the morning. very low on carb,
    I sleep 8 hours a day
    thanx for ur reply mudman

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