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Thread: Roid Gut

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    Roid Gut

    Seems silly, but ive developed a huge ass gut. Im 5'9 195 apx. 13% BF. When relaxed it looks like i have an old man gut but when i tighten up i have a pretty good six pack, probly just bloat but id like it to go away. Already runnin letro so thats not gonna help any.....any suggestions?

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    The "roid gut" is known to come from excessive HGH use. High doses of HGH can cause side effects as such. Otherwise, the only other thing I can think of would be water retention.


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    lol im not telling :D
    LOL one thing maybe if u train ur abs HEAVY and HARD while on gear the increased muscle growth in the abdominal department can push out the fat giving u a buddha bellie.. i got one! soon i will have one from GH AS WELL then i know i am a real man

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    Yeah I sometimes look like that too. 6'1 220 12% BUT whenever I go to the head and take a big one, belive it or not the gut goes down quite a few pant sizes!

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