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Thread: Thank You All

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    Thumbs up Thank You All

    I guess that a moderator can find my thread inappropriate and delete it and it's fine since I'm a newbie here and I may be disrespecting the rules of the forum.

    I just wanted to thank you guys for being cool and respectful with my questions. I just decided that I won't be doing gear because members of this forum correctly pointed out where I'm failing and where I should correct my problems naturally. I agree with the posts and the blame is on my poor nutrition.

    I visited several other websites and forums and people are very aggressive and sometimes just plain arrogant, calling me names for the same exact questions I posted here. I respect your goals and interests and make it clear that I see nothing wrong with responsible use of products to help you achieve it. I may not be posting often now unless it's just out of curiosity, but I plan to hang around and post my progress in the future.

    Thanks again!!!!

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    No problem. Get that diet straight and keep training.

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    Good Luck bro

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    u got a good mindset ... now perfect ur diet and training and ur good to go

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    Good Luck Bro

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