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    Absorption & Muscle Depth

    Lately I RARELY get sore after injecting anything, including Test Prop. In the beginning it hurt like hell whether it was Test Prop or Test Enan & EQ. I'm coming up on the close of Week 4 here, and I'm starting to worry...

    There's always a small golf ball-sized lump but it's not sore. If I flex really hard I can feel something, but again, not like it used to be.

    The real reason I worry is because Test E & EQ take a while to kick in, I'm starting to think if I mess up an injection or two and it doesn't make it into the muscle (usually shoot those into a glute) that I won't get any results or feel anything.

    If there's a lump, but very minimal pain and only slight swelling, does that mean I missed most of the muscle? Did I shoot without penetrating the muscle at all, and that's just juice sitting above the muscle? I'm normally a paranoid guy, but when I spend $500 on something I get even more paranoid that I might be messing that something up!

    BTW... can you shoot roughly 2.5CC into a quad? I've swam since I was 3 years old and have a pretty good set of legs. I ask because it's getting harder and harder to reach around and hit a glute, especially with my left hand.

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    I just started a test prop cycle, and so far I have only shot quads. It's just so easy to sit down and work right in front of you without twisting around to reach a glute. I'm injecting 1.5 cc/every day, and have had no pain or problems. I inject very slowly, then massage the area after the shot for several minutes. I rotate different legs and different heads each day so I'm not hitting the same spot on consecutive days and it has worked well so far.

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