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Thread: Obtaining gear!

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    Obtaining gear!

    Dont freakout and dont pm me. Just want some advice from the guys whove "been there?" Im taking a trip to mexico soon and want to pick up some QV. My girl speaks spanish so comm is not a prob. any ideas on where i should go and who to talk to? what to look out for? coming back across?
    p.s. this board rocks, thanks for all the previous advice fellas, newbies, listen up. these guys have lots of good advice!
    dont let the post # fool you

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    hit up a vet. gotta know how to spot a fake though. people will try to sell you all sorts of shit.

    go to a pharmacy for your anti-e's - declare these as you come back across.

    supposedly you can declare a small amount of juice, but i wouldn't if you can sneak it cause it's illegal in the states anyways :d

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    I watched a tv special about this once. They were showing this area where gear mainly came from. You had to get a prescription for it though. Howeve, convienently locatet across from the pharmacy was the "dr." For $20.00, she will write you a prescription for anything you want.

    They were showing the guy empty a bottle of "dristan" nasasl spray and then fill it with the juice. I guess it's alot easier to get back accross the border just in case.

    They called the area "pill city"

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    how about cancun

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    Quote Originally Posted by LENNOXLEWIS99
    how about cancun
    this area is to americanized.

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    PM me i can give you some advise on locations

    You need more post though.Good Luck bro.

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    thanks guys. ill let everyone know how it turns out

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