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    I had to harpoon my ass today.

    I have these cool darts, u draw up the gear with this huge dart, then u unscrew it and put on a smaller tip for darting, but the facking thing wouldn't unscrew, so I had to crap this harpoon into my cheek this morning and it facking hurts!

    Yowza. Happy thursday fellas.

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    lol im not telling :D
    just be glad its not a multi dose draw cap.. those things have BARBS on them to keep them from comming out of the vial.. LOL immagine using one of those

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    lol, i think i'm going to puke

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    haha thats sucks bro

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    funny one.. i have admitted in the past of using an 18g to inject in the glute, but that was only 1 time..

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