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    Prop, Test E, and EQ

    I am trying to plan out my next cycle and came to the conclusion that I want to do Prop, Test E, and EQ

    How much and for how long should I run each...thanks for ya'll help

    P.S. how much for prop

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    Yes,those are my legs
    Propose a cycle an we'll critique it.

    Also what are your stats?(age,cycle experience,wieght ect)

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    Jan 2006
    19, 200lbs
    first cycle deca , test, winny, good results 20lbs kept 15,

    I was thinking something along

    week 1-8 prop 100mg/day
    1-12 Test E 500/week
    Don't know about the EQ

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    not too far from you
    Bro, you change your mid every 4 hours. You shouldn't do any, due to lack of education.

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    eq at leat 12 weeks run it @ 400 mg ew

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    I would not recommend do another one now. I was still growing through 20 years old. You should use your natural hight test and get on a great diet and workout routine.

    If you are going to do it anyway, then do it right. Look at the Novice cycle 2-2 on the main board:

    replace where it says deca with EQ 400MG, extend EQ to 12 weeks and the test E to 13 so they come out of your system at the same time. Start the PCT 2 weeks after last Test e shot. Run prop 4 weeks. If you go longer on the prop, the teste will be kicking in and you are going to go on a roller coaster ride as far as test levels and see many more sides like acne.

    Again, I would stress you should wait. Once you start you might want to continue in the future. It is addictive for alot of people. If you do another cycle at 19, how many will you have done by 35 years old (you said next cycle at 19 years old, so I assume this is not your first, how many is it?) Put it off until atleast your mid-twenties.
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